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The parts replaced or reconditioned in this rebuilding example project included: Strings Tuning Pins Felt Hammers Dampers Various parts such as hinges, name decal, miscellaneous hardware Case refinishing Soundboard refinishing and decal replacement New key tops and key fronts Refinished black key tops
Conover Baby Grand
Rebuild/Recondition Project
The core structure of a fine piano can last for several generations although refurbishing is appropriate at some point. Below are some pictures of a rebuild project of a Conover baby grand piano. This piano was manufactured in the second decade of the 1900s. This was a solid instrument and well worth the tear down, refinishing, and replacement of the main components. We don't have pictures of the total tear-down when the metal plate was removed for soundboard reconditioning and refinishing. But you can observe the original condition compared with the finished product.
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