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Why Music must be retained in the core education curriculum:
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A Music Canvas
The Piano
1. Music is a Science. 2. Music is Math. 3. Music is like learning a new Language. 4. There is much History in music. 5. Music requires Physical movement, focus and endurance. 6. The student of music develops Insight and benefits from research. 7. Music is a Creative Art.
Music involves these aspects and concurrently provides development of motor skills. Note that students are not expected to major in music nor make it a career. However, music involves many aspects of physical and mental focus including eyes, brain, dexterity, hands, feet, counting, and interactions with the other players. Music helps people to be human and recognize beauty beyond what they would otherwise experience. It brings people closer to another dimension with love and compassion, moving toward a fulfilling life where their personal excellence will be pursued in whatever endeavor or career they choose. Students also develop an appreciation for others who pursue life interests that differ from their own.