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Making a piano sound its best with proper scale (temperament), pitch, and accommodations for the inharmonicity that is unique for each piano. Tunings are recommended every 6 months in most locations.

Pitch Raise

A pitch-raise brings a piano, that has not been tuned for an extended time, up to concert pitch (A = 440). This adds proper tension to each string to be able to tune the instrument to concert pitch.


Adjusting each key mechanism for the best "feel" and response. This involves adjusting parameters for each note such as proper key travel, hammer travel, let-off distance, backchecks, dampers, and repetition lever.


Voicing is also referred to as tone regulation. It is the art of adjusting the tone quality for the desired amount of brilliance or mellowness that is uniform across the keyboard.


Repair, replace, or adjust to correct issues impacting the response and playability of the instrument.


Both mechanical and cosmetic enhancement

Piano Evaluation

Evaluate the condition of a piano for a customer. This is commonly done prior to a purchase or sale and includes, where possible, determination of the overall condition or list of needed repairs.

Humidity Control

Installation of the Dampp-Chaser system to automatically control the humidity in the piano. This will help to stabilize tuning and changes humidity causes to the many wooden parts thus extending the life of the instrument.

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