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Having completed a piano technician course of study in 1982, GR Horst began servicing pianos part time. His work progressed from a sideline to a skillful passion and a broad Pennsylvania service territory that includes Reading, Allentown, Downingtown, West Chester, Lancaster and numerous surrounding areas. Pennsylvania counties served include Berks, Chester, Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, and Lehigh.

A common question is: "What does a piano technician do in addition to piano tuning?"   The technician can repair technical issues that keep a piano from functioning as it was designed. For example the piano technician is trained to handle necessary repairs and adjustments so that:

  • all piano key respond to the touch quickly and are felt by the slightest press of the finger

  • each key resets itself quickly and completely for the next strike of the string

  • the tone of each note is similar (without some being bright and others weak or dull)

  • keys are all level at the same key height

  • hammers start to travel toward the strings, without delay, as the key is pressed

  • dampers stop the sound immediately and quietly when the key is released

  • each pedal should function as designed and be free of rattles and squeaks

  • missing, worn, or broken parts are fixed or replaced

  • a humidity control system is installed in the piano if needed

The job of tuning the instrument includes tasks such as:

  • Checking Overall Pitch

  • Setting the Temperament

  • Handling the Inharmonicity

  • Setting the Treble Sections

  • Setting the Bass Section

  • Tuning the Unisons etc.

GR regularly attends various training seminars to keep current on related technology, tools, tuning methods, and repair technique. He values continued learning and sharing by other technicians on related developments and areas of specialization.

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